Autograph Digital Lenses

You Should be Wearing Autograph Lenses with Avance Anti-Reflection Coating!


Glasses that do for your vision what HD has done for television.

The doctors and optical staff at TVCC are confident Autograph lenses with Avance are the most advanced spectacle lenses available. Traditional spectacle lenses are made from stock pre-molded blanks, with a fixed front surface design that is used over a wide variety of prescriptions, materials, and frame shapes, resulting in compromises. Autograph lenses are individually computer designed on the front and back surface to give you the highest definition vision at all distances with a wider field of view. Digitally designed lenses are also thinner and lighter than any other lens available.

The Avance anti-reflection lens coating has the best durability and scratch resistance of all available coatings. The coating repels dust compared to an uncoated lens, and stays cleaner longer providing glare free vision with sunlight, artificial lighting and at night. The result is clearer vision with less tired eyes. Talk to our optical specialists about the Autograph with Avance Pro-Lens package discount!

Other digital design lenses for unique situations:

NOTE: Some limitation may apply to specific insurance plans.


Avance AR with tough and coat 2 year warranty

First PAL

An economically priced digital design lens for the patient beginning to lose near vision. First PAL offers a wider reading and computer zone that is easier to adjust to for the patient reluctant to try a progressive lens.

Computer & Work Station Office Design

Straight ahead is a wide clear focus at the computer without dropping your head. The lower part of the lens is a wide reading area for near. Plus, there is a small area above your line of site to view distance. These lenses afford clear comfortable near vision and reduced visual
fatigue. They are available at reduced cost from the standard progressive.

Kids Special

$129 Frame and lenses.
Two year warranty on frame and lenses.

Attitude Sport Wrap Around Lenses

Digital designed lenses put the optical center straight ahead in front of your eyes with no visual compromises. Digital design to give you the sporting edge.


Computer designed so the top 75% is a wide panoramic view to give clear distance vision. The lower 25% puts the ball and grass in focus at your feet without side distortion when turning your eyes down the fairway.

TVCC Basic Digital Progressive

A generic digital progressive lens design for less. A better option than conventional pre-molded lenses

The doctors and optical staff believe pre-molded blanks style lenses have too many compromises compared to the benefits of newer, more advanced digital designed technology. If you prefer to stay with the same lens design, we will honor your wishes. However, we work with patients every day who comment how they have never seen more clearly as a result of changing to the digital lenses. Technology has simply surpassed pre-molded blanks in almost all prescriptions, lens options and frame styles. You will not get your glasses in an hour or two, but you will get the best vision we can offer, plus a superior anti reflective treatment that is clearly worth the wait.

Sun Lenses: Oakley, Maui Jim, Nike, Ray Ban are a few of many brands available in polarized prescription lenses.

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