LASIK Laser Vision Correction

The Vision Care Center has been performing LASIK procedures on patients from all over the Evansville, Indiana Tri-State area for over 20 years.

Laser Vision correction has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any elective surgery:  95.4%, according to a 20-year survey of scientific studies from around the world. Advances, such as The Wavelight Refractive Suite available in the Tri-state exclusively at The Vision Care Center, have made this procedure even safer, faster, more comfortable, and more predictable, so that over 98% of patients treated with this system say they would do it again.

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LASIK is used as a vision correction procedure for refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. LASIK reshapes the cornea so that light focuses precisely on the retina. At The Vision Care Center, we use the most advanced technology, the Wavelight Refractive Suite, for the fastest and most precise total refractive procedure in the US.

Please click on this link to The American Academy of Ophthalmology for further information:

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You have your choice of 3 options:

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  2. Attend a free LASIK seminar
  3. Schedule a LASIK evaluation to see if you're a candidate. This step must be completed. The dilated eye evaluation takes about 2 hours and carries a fee which is applied to the cost of your LASIK procedure if you decide to move forward with the surgery.

Please click on this link to The American Academy of Ophthalmology for further information:

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Tharp and all his staff are wonderful!  Best procedure I’ve ever done!  Feels amazing to be able to see without the hassle and worry of contacts or glasses.”

Dana RoysterLASIK 3 month post-op

“I am glad I can see again!”

D. RoederTVCC LASIK patient - 1 week post op

“Life changing, so glad I had it done!”

Tyson S.1 week post op

“Being contact and glasses free is such a huge relief!”

D. GraperTVCC LASIK patient - 2 months post op

“LASIK made my life easier and hassle free from glasses and contacts”

J. EllisLASIK Surgery in July 2009

“The surgery was so quick and easy.  I love not having to use glasses all the time.”

D. SwartzTVCC LASIK patient

“No more reaching for the glasses when waking up!”

J. Keller1 week post op - TVCC LASIK Patient

“LASIK has made life with two children easier.  I don’t have to worry about my glasses getting knocked off my face or time messing with contacts, it is AMAZING!”

A. DaubyTVCC LASIK patient

“It’s so convenient!  I never have to worry about losing my contacts or putting them in or taking them out.”

L. Turner3 Months post op - TVCC LASIK Patient

“The ease of no longer hassling with glasses or contacts =  freedom!”

S.RexingTVCC LASIK patient - 4 months post op

What Is LASIK?

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